The Xtreme

Where do I begin??!!! This mind blowing work of art commands attention. I took a lot of time studying the ideas that were not employed on the first two machines and went all out on this one. “The Xtreme” is a chair style machine to the Xtreme. One of the most noted features on this shot machine is the Co2 injection. This allows for the push button automatic shot pouring. I created my own container out of schedule 40 aluminum pipe and welded up a small vat that holds a gallon of alcohol when pressurized. The Co2 system uses three twenty ounce bottles: one for purge to chill the container and two for pressurizing the alcohol. They can easily be removed for refilling and add a cool look to the biomechanical theme. An average of about 100 pounds a party is used and each bottle holds about 750 pounds. “The Xtreme” uses a faux ice bucket to keep the vat cold. This bucket was molded in a UV reactive green resin with green lighting to match the theme. A separate purge ring was added which sends a super cold burst of Co2 through a ring mounted around the base of the alcohol giving it that extra chill. For additional wow factor include a little dry ice in the bucket when it is purged. Electric valves were implemented for push button operation. The switches are mounted in a green UV reactive plexiglass which is laser engraved with operating instructions. There is an arming switch for each position for safety and then a “go” button. The “go” button is what sends the shot. Because of the sealed aluminum tank design the alcohol shots remain Xtremely chilled.

Once again I employed my wife to make a realistic mold. This time we used her torso. The torso was cast out of silicone for life like look and feel. On this machine, not only can you take a shot from between the legs of a willing participant, a “hooter shooter” shot can also be taken from a UV reactive glowing tube in between the life like boobs. The seat was constructed of fiberglass and covered in a toxic green pearl paint enhanced with glow in the dark graphics.

Ok, now, this time I went a little out of control. A bullet was added to the seat. That’s right a vibrating bullet was added to just the right spot of the ergonomically designed chair. Believe me when I say the women do not want to get out of this chair!

I made an innovative rail system with easily adjusted foot rests to make the seat more comfortable for different women. I fabricated an all aluminum custom stool with, in this case the Love Voodoo logo, plasma cut out and then filled in with UV reactive green plexiglass to match. The rear control section has an access door made of UV reactive plexiglass with laser engraved company logo with the pressure gauges visible through it. All electric valves and Co2 lines were plumed with steel braided lines and aircraft fittings for years of trouble free use.
The legs are custom made from steel and painted to resemble shocks. All legs fold under and lock in place with t-handles for easy storage. This model is a little heavier than the other two but is still portable and will fit in the back of a large SUV.

Many logos have also been placed about the machine. There are a ton of details (such as the billet aluminum machined handles on the side rails) which are best viewed in person as a description does them no justice.
This biomechanical theme can be implemented in many different colors. This style “Xtreme” chair can also be assembled in many different themes to fit your club and/or party style. “The Xtreme” is definitely one of a kind.

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