The Ass

This over the top shot serving machine is truly one of a kind. Straight from the mind of Tommybuilt, this creation serves a freezing cold alcoholic shot while just by its nature is the center of attention.

This model has an all aluminum base for years of use. It is covered in timeless candy apple red paint and features a beautiful waterfall and light show with a faux ice sculpted water basin which was cast in liquid acrylic. The ass of “The Ass” machine….we wanted to make it as real as possible! This ass was actually molded off my wife’s ass. It was then cast in fiberglass and foam filled to make it solid. The aluminum bucket holds large amounts of ice to keep the shots cold. The shot is manually poured into an aluminum funnel inside the bucket which then travels through an aluminum tube and exits through the fiberglass ass and into the mouth, or cup, of the waiting participant. I understand branding is important and as a result on my machines there are many places to incorporate your logo. On this particular shot machine the Love Voodoo logo was fabricated in faux ice with neon back lighting for unmistakable brand recognition. Add a little dry ice to the waterfall and along with the strobe lights and L.E.D.’s, this machine is a work of art and a true attention getter.

“The Ass” has folding legs and can be erected in less than twenty minutes. It fits easily in the back of an average SUV. This model has proven to be a true crowd pleaser and like all of my products is available in many different themes, colors and textures to fit your party style.

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