I started my career in the fabricating business in 1993 when 2 friends and I opened a car audio and fabricating shop named "Boomin Systems". Boomin Systems was a successful business, but like most partnerships, the time came where we decided to part company. I then went to work at East Coast Auto Sound, and award winning custom car audio store located in Gaithersburg Maryland. While at East Coast I worked on some of the most exotic cars in the world, and fine tuned my fabricating skills

In 1996 I decided to open my own car audio customizing store, Car Toyz. Car Toyz rapidly grew into a nationally recognized shop and gained recognition throughout the consumer electronics industry. After 8 years in the retail automotive customizing market, I decided I really wanted to follow my passion for building things, crazy things. I sold the store and started working for MTX, the largest manufacturer of car audio products in the country. I began work right away on the new product development side of manufacturing. Using my previous years of infield experience I helped build new innovative products for the automotive industry. During this time I also had the opportunity to build many award winning demo vehicles for not only MTX but other car audio manufacturer's. I was also privileged enough to have the opportunity to build cars on the national TV show ”Pimp My Ride” which airs on MTV.

Several year ago I was approached by long time friends, Todd & Elena who own and operate the Adult dating web site LoveVoodoo.com. Todd asked me to help him out with a project. He needed a new creative and exciting way to get attention at promotional events throughout North America. At the time he contacted me Todd & Elena were using an ice luge for serving chilled alcohol shots. The Ice luge was heavy, and cumbersome, and they needed to find a place to purchase a 125lb of ice! He needed something fun, exciting, and easy to move around. Todd wanted people to remember him and his website for years to come. I took on the project with great expectations. I new I could use my experience in fabricating along with my know-how for how to get a crowds attention, to build a new, and crazy mind-blowing device that would get the kind of attention he was looking for. I decided to bring another artist on board with me to help out with the project and do some of the crazy paint work that would be involved. Tom Strait of Air Asylum joined forces with me to build the first project, “The Ass”. We formed a great alliance and have been working together on projects ever since.

After the successes with the first machine including the interviews on Playboy Radio and articles in Playgirl magazine as well as many other local and national publications. Todd & Elena quickly found themselves in need of another machine. We decided to step it up a notch with “The Body Shot”. This interactive shot machine is the ticket to getting the crowd involved and having a good time. It is also light, easy to move around, and can be set up and torn down, in just a few minutes. Almost immediately following the debut of “The Body Shot”, Todd needed another built to keep up with the demand of club owners. We obliged this time with “The Extreme”, our craziest shot machine yet. We unquestionably took the interactive chair to the next level.

We are currently working on a bar top, portable party shot machine for tailgating, boating events, etc. We also have a few other products that we are not ready to let out of the bag yet.

I am now working with resorts and clubs all over the world on building these fun, crowd pleasing fixtures in their facilities. If you can think of it I can build it; or I can think of it for you and build it.

Contact me at tommybuilt@shotmachines.com